The Ultimate Health Podcast – Editing The Podcast

Editing the podcast for The Ultimate Health Podcast in November 2021. Previously a very successful audio only podcast with some massive guests, Longwave Digital was tasked with editing the video version of the podcast.

Jesse Chappus from the Ultimate Health Podcast
Jesse Chappus host of The Ultimate Health Podcast

Initially taking over to make the most of video that already existed (via zoom) and help Jesse to realise his vision of what the video version would look like. Using similar podcasts as the template and going for cuts that followed either Jesse or his guest when they talked, with the occasional split screen (guest and host on the screen at the same time) when there was conversation either fast or overlapping.

Editing a video podcast with Cynthia Thurlow and host Jesse Chappus
Example of side by side editing.
Jesse and Author Cynthia Thurlow

We also had to create intro, outro and subscribe graphics for the podcast.

Through the months we followed best practices for YouTube and shortened the intro to get into the content quicker, below. you can see the two versions.

Podcast Video intro before
Original Long Version
Podcast Video intro after
Shortened Version

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