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Why you should start a Video Podcast

Video podcasting provides a unique platform to showcase your authentic self. It's an opportunity to inspire, educate, and entertain while forming genuine connections with your viewers. By choosing this medium, you create a dynamic space where you and your audience connect on a deeper level, creating a community built on experiences and valuable content.

Starting a video podcast requires planning, flexibility, and a committed production partner who understands the value beyond audio. It's about creating a podcast that resonates with your audience and creates engagement.

Build An Audience

Podcasting fosters a strong relationship between creator and audience, much more than any other medium.

Showcase Your Brand

Video Podcasting gives you a platform to go deep with your audience in return the engagement benefits your brand.

Not Just Longform

Video podcasting offers a unique way to connect to your audience. Repurposing for Instagram, Linkedin & TikTok can reach your audience wherever they are.

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In a world of longform content, capturing the attention of viewers and listeners can be challenging. That's where shortform content becomes invaluable, providing bite-sized, enticing glimpses into your brand.

At our core, we understand the importance of creating touch points that swiftly engage your audience, building brand awareness and fostering connections. Our expertise extends beyond video podcast editing — we also excel in crafting effective content strategies that drive traffic and captivate your target audience.

Let us help you harness the power of shortform content and develop a winning content strategy that propels your brand to new heights. Together, we'll create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Use our world class video talent to grow faster.


The time saver. You plan and record your content, and we are your post-production partner.

From £350

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What's included?

Clean your audio up, background noise reduction

Edit multi-camera

Remove mistakes and long pauses

Add intros, outros, lower thirds and subscribe animations

Add sponsorship messages

Create audio version for distribution

Write show notes

Get Social

Get your podcast out to the masses. Using vertical and square clips to push your content.

From £700

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What's included?

Everything in Start-Up

4 x Clip selection

4 x Vertical social media clips

4 x Square social media clips

Fully captioned

Branding artwork


Need something special? Let's jump on a call and talk about your unique podcast requirments.

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What else?

End-to-End Production




Host Training

Techincal Advice

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Frequently asked questions

Great! First thing to do is get in contact, you can do that either by setting up a call here or filling in our contact form here. We will then need to find out what your needs are, we can then discuss styles and workflow.  Each podcast genuinely is unique, but there are a few key things that they all share, so this discovery phase is where we can align ourselves with your vision.

We find the easiest way is dropbox. However any cloud storage system works.

Absolutely, We can give you advice on what we know works. Use our contact form here.

The cost depends on some key factors, how you would like the video edited is a big factor. If you are just a host and a guest and you want to be visible on the screen the whole time, this is cheaper than lots of cuts bouncing between you and a guest. However, there really is a budget to suit everyone. Just get in contact and we can chat about options with no pressure to signup.

We are based in Leeds but operate globally. We have clients in London, Canada, USA and even Iceland.

Yes! in fact if you are new to podcasting social media should be your main focus.

You should see your video podcast as the raw material for your social media strategy.

Yes! in fact if you are new to podcasting social media should be your main focus.

You should see your video podcast as the raw material for your social media strategy.


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