Who is Steven Bartlett & What is the Diary?

Steven Bartlett is an entrepreneur who gained notoriety with his social media company social chain. Since then he has gone on to star in “Dragons Den” the BBC business show (The UK’s Equivalent of Shark Tank). But most notably he is the host of the massive podcast Diary of a CEO.

The Brief

Collaborate on the brand new product thediary.com.

A 12 week on-going programme that consists of the beautifully designed and curated physical diary – in which you’re guided to journal through your  thoughts, feelings and daily events.

We were in charge of editing multi-cam footage and creating short lessons from key experts in the industry to live on thediary.com

Editing The Course

Working with Diary of a CEO producer Jack, I was in charge of footage and cleaning audio for the 5 experts including Steven himself. Footage started around 3 hours and needed lots of work on the audio because of the location of the studio (near a train track).

Promotional Material

Along with the overall course we provided social media promotional assets for the course. These were snippets taken from what the guests had recorded as a separate additional script.


The Launch was a huge success helped with a great social media strategy and content. the initial run of the physical diaries were sold out and had to be restocked.

Don’t forget to check out thediary.com.

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