Video Podcast Editing: How to Edit Your Video Podcast

How it works?

  • There are lots of varying approaches and tools out there when it comes to editing your podcast.
  • Some podcasters take a surgical approach to editing their podcasts, cutting every small mistake.
  • Whilst others release their podcasts as natural and untouched as possible.
  • For those podcasters who like to do some editing to their show, there are plenty of options available. This could be using software tools or hiring a freelancer or company to edit for them.
  • In this article we will discuss the different methods and find what works best for you.

Video podcast editing. For beginners can be an the first road-block to releasing a podcast. Many new podcasters worry about how they will edit their podcast before they even start to record one.

But it’s never been easier to edit your video podcast yourself or find someone to edit it for you.

Furthermore there’s no rules saying you need to edit your podcast or how to do it. It just depends on your personal approach, style, content, and audience.

So let’s run through the podcasting options available to you.

These will be dependent on whether you want to upskill and learn new skills yourself, or whether you would like to outsource to the professionals.

Video Podcast Editing

1. What Are the Rules for Editing a Video Podcast

I mentioned there are no single ways to edit a podcast. However, there are good practice that you should try to adhere to.

If you are wanting to create a high quality podcast then this will take a lot of time editing.

But if you want to just sit down with a mic and a camera. Without adding any intro music or any graphics, then you could just hit record and upload and call it a day.

So how do you decide which approach to take?


For one-person, co-hosted, or interview style podcasts, you can make do with very little editing. You probably still want to do some type of intro and outro however.

When it comes to the episode itself you could just put all the participants on the screen at the same time and just render out the final video.


Documentary and drama-style podcasts can work well. But you may have to add extra graphics and videos to the process, these aren’t as common in video form.

Video Podcast Editing Software

2. Should I Use a Software DAW or Hardware Recorder for My Video Podcast? 

The DAW is a common podcasting tool you may need. It stands for Digital Audio Workstation, It’s just a fancy way of saying audio editing software.

Daw’s let you connect your microphone and record straight to a track. Then in post production you can add your music and other spice to them.

There are plenty of DAW’s out there, Audacity is a very popular one. The main reason is it has a lot of features and it’s absolutely free.

But if you want more from a DAW, then check out paid options like Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, or Reaper might be more up your street. They may offer you some of the features you were missing with Audacity.

3. What About Video?

Depending on your style, whether remote or in person, multi or single camera, there’s always options.

You can edit Podcast video in any video editing software. A free highly regarded software is Davinci Resolve, Lot’s of features, but a relative newcomer to the game.

Two other video editors with lots of users include Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro (mac only). These are paid programs, but you will find thriving communities to help with any questions you may have. 

4. What About Podcast Editing Apps?

At Longwave Digital I often get asked about apps for editing and if they are any good.

Some of these tools do a great job, but they are only as good as the person controlling them. But if you’re reading this article, then I guess you already know that.

And trying to fix any issues that these programs can’t do automatically may leave you in a sticky position.

5. What is a Podcast Producer and Should I Hire One?

A podcast producer can vary in what they do. They could be in charge of editors and be the person who sorts out show notes and publishing. Or they could also wear the editing hat themselves.

If you want to concentrate on the content and provide a good performance, then maybe hiring someone like us could help you with your time and quality of your product

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